About me

I am a senior at Georgia State University where she is mastering the art of journalism. I played division one volleyabll at GSU and has a strong passion for living urban areas such as Atlanta. Other passions I hold close to my heart are fashion and reading. The simple satisfaction of reading a novel is glourious, well that is in my eyes at least. Fashion has always been a large part of my world and I plan to continue to emerge my passions together through writing about fashion.

Career goals are commonly talked about as we figure out our way through college. They are more so talked about once a new year has arrived. Personally, a career goal is a long-term goal that is pure dedication and persistentce. A career goal of mine is to move to New York City after college and take on the Big Apple. Like I said before, I thrive in the urban atmospheres.

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Week 2 Module

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Week 3 Module

Week 3 Module

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Coffee Shops in Atlanta

Top 3 Restaurants in Atlanta

  1. Yard House
  2. Local Three Kitchen and Bar
  3. Babs Midtown

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